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The Death of Bees
4 of 5 stars
Still pondering the end, but loved the story–the 3 voices and the deep troubles and love. Quite a step into the unknown world of lower class Glasglow.
The Boy on the Wooden Box
5 of 5 stars
A quick, but deeply affecting read about Leon’s time in Warsaw during WWII. He was the youngest one on Schindler’s List and considered Schindler a true hero for all he did. A fabulous story of hope and resilence.
Dead Beat
4 of 5 stars
A fun take on wizards, werewolves and vampires. Not a sparkle in sight, but lots and lots of darkness and danger. Very little romance, but what is not to like about a ME named Butters who loves polka and a large cameo by Sue, the TRex …
The Legacy of Heorot
4 of 5 stars
Great scifi–man against the aliens on what, at first, appears to be a paradise. Why not lose yourself in the elemental struggle against the Grendels?
3 of 5 stars
A worthy follow up in the Ender Series, but seemed a bit long winded. I love Jane though.
An Ocean Apart, a World Away
3 of 5 stars
Interesting topic, well developed characters, but I was a bit disappointed at the end. It seems rather abrupt and I wanted more. Certainly never considered not finishing it, but felt it could have been better.
Go Big or Go Home
3 of 5 stars
A fun read about outdoor sports, nasty neighbors, meteors and friendship. Not great literature, no fabulous insights, but a fun read.
4 of 5 stars
Interesting take on Lincoln’s assassination. Makes me want to read Connie Willis’ Lincoln’s Dreams again, although that’s a totally different book. Told from a young girl’s point of view and JW Boothe’s. Gets you right into the time a…
The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II
5 of 5 stars
Fabulous true story of the people, mostly the women, who helped build and run Oakridge, Tenn. in WWII. Fascinating to see how people would board a train, knowing only that they had a job waiting–not where, not what–to help the war eff…
4 of 5 stars
Started off a bit slow, “oh, another post-apocolypic teen novel,” but picked up speed and was engrossing. Haven’t read the 2nd one yet, but probably will

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